Yoo / Yoo Hotels

Introducing the new Yoo.

Few brands have a stronger parentage than Yoo. Founded by Philippe Starck, the world famous designer and John Hitchcox, property developer, it has 55 residential developments across the world. Our brief was to create a brand that could be adjusted for different markets, by mirroring Yoo interiors that vary between modern elegance and pure opulence.

Our client: Yoo Worldwide, Yoo Group & Yoo Hotels

Sector: Hospitality & Retail

Our services include:

Development branding
Printed marketing material
Website design
Email marketing

Yoo has evolved as a company, with a roster of stellar designers. We needed to understand their combined visions.

A key aspect we developed was a transparent logo that enabled designers to showcase their work, giving every project an individual identity.

The brand has the flexibility to appeal to audiences across the globe, with extremes that varied from ‘bold confidence’ to ‘muted sophistication’.

No two Yoo residences are the same, but they all combine local influences with a unique way of looking at the world. We have worked with Yoo on brands for developments across the globe.

We have worked closely with Yoo to create two new hotel brands: the energetic Yoo2 and prestigious Yoo Collection.