A better life. Every day.

Sato’s ambitious goal; to give 100 million people access to sanitation and hygiene solutions across the globe by 2025; would only be reached with the right narrative. This was to be a rebrand that required a careful authentic brand positioning suitable for multiple territories and a vibrant, accessible and adaptable brand.

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Our work included creating a new purpose statement: To enable people everywhere to live a better life, every day, and to enjoy a brighter future through innovative sanitation and hygiene solutions.

Our hierarchy of messaging was flexible, depending on the culture and priorities of the audience, while the brand had a consistency that allows NGO’s, Government and Developers to help bring SATO into these communities.

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The inclusion of these vibrant graphic assets allowed SATO to strengthen brand awareness to any content that they produced, whether than would be social, community-led campaigns or partner-focussed comms. The brand’s authenticity could only be communicated with real portraits, videography and local community focus.

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SATO has just been awarded in Fast Company’s 2023 Brands That Matter list. As the world’s leading award for showcasing brands that communicate and demonstrate brand purpose, Brands That Matter’s recognition of SATO is a testament to the continued success of its offer, solutions, and brand.

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