Deep Font Challenge

Are you a sharp shootin' font-master or a no-good calamity who can't spell Futura?

To prove your design know how, shoot the font mounted on a target which is displayed on the banner. Points are scored for each successful round and the speed with which you complete it... but be warned, during the game the tables will turn, so keep on your toes.

Deep font game

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3 max 999,999,999
4 joejoe 777,777,300
5 PProenca 20,298,315
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10th February 2012

Very difficult but interesting ...


30th November 2011

Gee this is fun. Mostly I\'m terrible at it. But I love it anyway.


27th August 2011

I want this as an iphone app.


24th February 2011



10th November 2010

i hate this game


6th October 2010

Wohoooooo, 1.849.458!


18th September 2010

Love this game..


17th September 2010


28th August 2010

Type your best shoot


22nd August 2010

This guy The RMC is a GOD... AWSOME!!!!! (You Alí keep trying)


21st May 2010

where is my favorised typeface arial???

why such a game without arial????


27th April 2010



25th April 2010

lópez fanatico


14th April 2010

Started off as research for a typography class...ends with frustration


14th April 2010

this started as research...ended with frustration


3rd March 2010

I love it!


28th February 2010

so funny!!


23rd November 2009

Oh! and Piotr and all those things are hacked scores... don\'t panic...
There should be an embed code or facebook ap!!


20th November 2009

the first time try!


14th November 2009

I love this game!


7th November 2009

Pretty fun game, I feel there isnt a huge diversity of typefaces. Chalkboard and comic sans should be removed as they are way to easy to pick out.. maybe some more skillful comparison between say rockwell /ubalin futura/avant garde/century gothic etc. Either way I love it!


9th October 2009

My new favorite pass time.
and soooooo much better than because it doesn\'t make me have to have a twitter to get past level 5...


23rd September 2009

This game made me google a lot of typefaces and now I know way more about all these fonts :p


14th August 2009

The Nuber One Today!!


14th August 2009

The Nuber One Today!!


3rd July 2009

Very funny,
but I think many typefaces in the game is unusual (for a professional designer) or simply tyopgraphic rubbish.
Maybe you could add some extra time to think and compare garamond-caslon-bembo-dante or futura-frutiger-franklyn or didot-bodoni ecc.)
In any case this is the best (and smartest) font game ever.


29th June 2009

great game for typoholics like me


20th June 2009

Who are you piotr?What TYPE of people are you?


15th June 2009

wow! I got a higher score than Remy?!? 256,630


13th June 2009

Who is this piotr??


9th June 2009

I\'m a newcomer and I\'m allready addicted :P I\'ve actually gotten better in seeing the difference after playing this game :D (That might be cause I suck)


27th May 2009



23rd May 2009

Excelente!!! ya se lo paso a todos los que diseñadores que conozco.


22nd May 2009

Love it, anyone got any other font quiz type things?


17th May 2009

makes addicted!


17th May 2009



17th May 2009

this game is ridiculously addicting


10th May 2009

muy bueno el game


8th May 2009

What a cracking game. Love your website by the way. All the best.


30th April 2009

Ojala hubiera un monton de estos Games para diseñadores!!!! bueniiiisimo


21st April 2009

Es genial y estoy aprendiendo mucho


20th April 2009

I did it! I made the daily top 10!


16th April 2009

This is awesome! =D


15th April 2009

Muito interessante a descoberta de tipografia


9th April 2009

I\'m definitely gonna make my students play this game during typo class!


8th April 2009

This game is very, very, addictive... I\'d like an offline MAC OS X widget version of this game...


5th April 2009

i am totally addicted to this font game - does that make me a dock now lol


3rd April 2009

lo q mas me gusto es cuando decia: shoot comic sans!

en un momento me dijo don\'t shoot comic sans y le tuve q disparar a la helvetica.... q horror.....


2nd April 2009

cool game!!!


1st April 2009

I think this will help Periodic_Table_of_Typefaces/ Periodic_Table_of_Typefaces_large.jpg


1st April 2009

Gracias Lidia!!! es muy divertido el juego!!!


27th March 2009

ANTI-ALIASING!!!!! WHOAAAAAAA!!!! sCool game anyway.


27th March 2009

for such a cool type game the type isn\'t that cool. But cool game anyways.


24th March 2009

awesome game!
so addictive~


23rd March 2009

my non-designing friends can\'t understand how can i play this so many times. which is OK
but my collegues at school where i study graphic design can\'t either. which is bad.
bad, designer! bad!


21st March 2009



20th March 2009

This is probably the only trigger I would ever pull...


19th March 2009

carl dare would love this game!


19th March 2009

wow...loser. what font is this?


18th March 2009

Finally! A game for me!


18th March 2009

Awesome, awesome game!!!
I can\'t get even close to the lowest highscore on the boards!


17th March 2009

very nice game. Every night try to overbid mi highscore :)


13th March 2009

i hate you, syntax. gets me every time.


13th March 2009

i am lookong forward to see what this is all about


13th March 2009

something\'s wrong with the game.

It said:
\"don\'t shoot Comic Sans.\"

everyone knows Comic Sans should be shot.


11th March 2009

This game is really nice :)


11th March 2009

not a gamer, never played any of the video games, online games none...but this I love it..I still go and play font game on ilt :) this is fun.


9th March 2009

Cool game. I never knew distinguishing typefaces could be such fun!


8th March 2009

super cool,
as a beginner i found so much to discover! ;-)
still trying to impove my 200 000


6th March 2009

Hello there, thanks a lot -very nice game.
It would be even better if it has bigger images - my eyes are really tired


3rd March 2009

yeah! I ruled the block yesterday...


27th February 2009

Yup, fairly clear I write in Ariel, solamente


26th February 2009

This is phenomenal!
I\'m proud I can distinguish a Helvetica v. I\'ve certainly had to study that stupid font enough.


25th February 2009

very original, congratulations


17th February 2009

The @ is at SHIFT+2 for all us non-americans


16th February 2009

How do you enter the \'@\' symbol in the e-mail textfield? It just displays \'q\'s...

Anyways, cool game - I got to 211,000 points, then time ran out. ;-)


13th February 2009

There are some v sad fekkers out there - drink more, do some good quality drugs. Make love to Mountain Lions!!! May I advise the purchase of ‘Designers are W**kers’ Type is dead - long live cider!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


13th February 2009

i hate those jacks who play a game, and then because they suck at it, they go on dissing the kids who are good or like the game.


12th February 2009

omg, this is awsome~


11th February 2009

Cool game


10th February 2009

aaaargghhhh!!!! killer!
Good fun, if a little hard.


9th February 2009

who honestly has this much time on their hands?


9th February 2009

Maybe one too many obscure ones, but otherwise great


9th February 2009

Addictive game! Bang goes my Friday afternoon


9th February 2009

Cool game :)