Deep Font Challenge

Are you a sharp shootin' font-master or a no-good calamity who can't spell Futura?

To prove your design know how, shoot the font mounted on a target which is displayed on the banner. Points are scored for each successful round and the speed with which you complete it... but be warned, during the game the tables will turn, so keep on your toes.

Deep font game

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1 SUPS 4,294,967,295
2 joejoe 4,294,967,295
3 max 999,999,999
4 joejoe 777,777,300
5 PProenca 20,298,315
6 PProenca 20,298,315
7 PProenca 20,298,315
8 PProenca 20,298,315
9 PProenca 20,298,315
10 PProenca 13,919,303

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